We'll never tell you what you want to hear.
Unless it's what you need to hear.


Your investment plan will be tailor-made to fit your unique needs.

It is a plan that will help guide you from here to there — from the wealth you have today to the wealth you will need tomorrow to meet your financial needs, your family security and legacy objectives.

It is a plan that that will get you there in the most cost effective tax efficient manner possible.

Your assets will be held by one or more independent custodians.

We perform extensive ongoing research and due diligence with regard to each recommended investment.

In an industry crowded with wealth management providers — banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and independent managers, all asserting the same platitudes — differences tend to blur.

What sets FCE Group apart -even more than our broad capabilities and reality-based wealth management solutions - is the customized, client-centered way in which we deliver them. Other important differentiators are our independence and the transparency that comes with it.

You can expect two very positive outcomes. The first is that you’ll be a lot better informed about the risks that may prevent you from achieving your financial goals. The second is that you will more than likely want to become a client.

A word about risk.

It is, of course, impossible to fully anticipate future risks.

As the environment changes, the risks seem less predictable and harder to define than they used to be. It is through this lens of risk assessment that we evaluate the investment portfolios of potential clients.

We carefully examine their assets — real estate holdings, retirement plans, insurance and legacy plans — for the purpose of shedding light on hidden uncertainties, illuminating unnecessary exposures and identifying potential problems.

Often, these comprehensive, laser-focused and unsparing examinations uncover higher than acceptable levels of risk that would have remained hidden without rigorous periodic analysis by experienced wealth planning professionals using the right criteria.

Independence. Transparency. Oversight.
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