FCE Podcasts

Episode Six - Manhattan's Hunt & Fish Club

  • A glimpse into New York's finest dining with Fred Sloan and Nelson Braff

Episode Five - How to Tell If You’re Investing the Right Way with Artem Mashkov

  • This episode’s guest is Artem Mashkov, a dynamic entrepreneur who describes himself as a founder, investor, and disruptor. He is the founder of several successful companies, most notably Intelligent Ventures, which raises capital for internal and external projects.

Episode Four - Safeguarding Against Financial Scams

  • While financial scams and fraud are common, there are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself.

Episode Three - Active vs Passive Investing

  • The decision of which investment style is best, active or passive, is a subject of much debate.

Episode Two - Proprietary Investment Products

  • In reviewing prospective clients' brokerage accounts over the years, we regularly come across portfolio holdings that are inappropriate, disadvantageous, overly complex, and way too expensive.

Episode One - Rethinking Retirement

  • In our podcast we discuss and challenge the idea that a 4.5% retirement spending rate should be applied consistently over an extended period of time.

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